L.A. Time
Acrylic on Canvas
by Karen Kristin

6' x 11'


This sublime panoramic vision of colorful skies, clouds and vast horizons, is the ideal complement to entryways, lobbies, and reception areas, as well as those hallways and large empty spaces that need to be brought to life. A sweeping, captivating skyscape, “L.A.Time” is an original 6’x 11’ acrylic on stretched canvas, based on the artist’s original version that served as the full page backdrop of the Time magazine cover of September 19, 1988, featuring the iconic Olympian Jackie Joyner-Kersee.

The artist, Karen Kristin, is an internationally renowned and accomplished artist long known as “The Sky Lady” for her dramatic and spellbinding sky scenes that can be seen throughout the world. She and her company have completed projects ranging from the largest painted sky ceiling in the world (over 252,000 square feet), to opulent contemporary private homes, museums, and even temples in India.